Sexy beard calender 2019

Sexy beard calender 2019

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SEXY BEARDS 2019 - Third Experience - THE CALENDAR

This little treasure is a must-have for every friend of hairy faces! It gathers great beardos (and beardesses) from different independent bands as well as from the market and larp scene, like members of Ye Banished Privateers, Mr. Hurley & die Pulveraffen, Rapalje, MacPiet, the famous Brother Rectus Halleluja I. and many more.

Eye-twinkling Sexappeal, glorious beards and a lot of fun and weirdness will not only make this calendar an eye candy for the whole year. This calendar is also a charity project supporting distress rescue - the money the calendar gathers in will be donated to to save refugees from drowning in the Mediterranian Sea.

For this reason: Save lives by having fun! Charity has never been easier before.