First Night Back In Port (Vinyl LP)

First Night Back In Port (Vinyl LP)

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Our third album, released 2017. This limited release is divided into four chapters on two double sided vinyl LPs. All in exclusive design to fit the bigger format.

Chapter I:

1. Annabel

2. A Night at the Schwarzer Kater

3. First Night Back in Port

4. All the Way to Galway

5. Cooper's Rum

Chapter II:

6. Skippy Aye Yo

7. I Dream of You

8. A Declaration of Independence

9. For a Fragile Moment's Ease

Chapter III:

10. We are Ye Banished Privateers

11. Bosun's Verses

12. Eastindiamen

13. Devil's Bellows

Chapter IV:

14. Ringaroo at Cooper's inn

15. Mermaid's Kiss